OneWave Solar Water Heater

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Cost Savings

Environmental Benefits

Energy Independence

Low Maintenance

Increase in Property Value

Reliable Technology

Reduced Water Heating Costs

Contribute to Energy Efficiency

Clean and Quiet Operation

With the increasing emphasis on sustainable living and renewable energy, integrating a solar water heater into your home offers numerous benefits. This technology harnesses the power of the sun to heat water, providing an eco-friendly and cost-effective alternative to traditional water heating systems.

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Advancing Solar Water Heating with Innovative Technology

OneWave has drawn inspiration from cutting-edge technology to deliver a solar water heating solution that excels in performance and sustainability. By harnessing unique Evacuated Tube and Heat Pipe technologies

OneWave maximizes the utilization of solar energy, ensuring a consistent supply of hot water while minimizing environmental impact. With efficiency and sustainability at its core, OneWave represents a forward-thinking approach to modern home living.

8 Year Warranty

2 Years Guaranteed

0% Heat Loss

Leak Prevention

High Efficiency

German Technology


Energy Efficiency

Hot Water Availability

High Reliability


Experience the Power of the Sun with OneWave Solar Water Heater - Say Goodbye to Cold Showers Forever!

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Optimizing Heat Transfer Efficiency

Heat Pipe Evacuated Tube Collectors are meticulously crafted to achieve the pinnacle of heat transfer efficiency. They boast a design that minimizes heat loss through both A convection and conduction, ensuring that captured solar energy is maximally utilized. By utilizing heat pipes made entirely of copper, these collectors enhance conductivity, further optimizing heat transfer.

Additionally, their innovative design allows for the collection solar energy from multiple angles, granting architects greater freedom in their designs while efficiently harnessing the power of the sun.

OneWave Solar Water Heater Panel Technology Malaysia
OneWave Solar Water Heater Panel Technology Malaysia Official Manufacturer KL


Solar Collector for

Enhanced Heat Retention

The OneWave solar collector is comprised of dual glass layers with vacuum insulation sandwiched in between to mitigate heat loss. Sunlight penetrates the outer layer and is absorbed by the inner layer, which is coated with three layers of low-emissivity, high-absorption material.

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rooftop solar panel for home


OWS Series

Improves Water Taste and Odor

Biological Filtration

Low Cost and Low Maintenance

Sustainable and Eco-friendly

Versatile Application

Durable and Long-lasting

Reduces Turbidity

Ease of Operation

Clean and Effective

OneWave Outdoor Purification System Diagram


Sustainable Hot Water Solutions

evacuated tube solar hot water heater

By leveraging innovative Evacuated Tube and Heat Pipe technologies, OneWave efficiently harness solar energy to provide a reliable hot water supply, significantly reducing environmental impact and embodying a forward-thinking approach to contemporary home living.

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OneWave Solar Water Heater Panel Technology Malaysia Official Manfacturer KL

evacuated tube solar water heaters

Independent Operation and Leak Prevention in the OneWave System

In the OneWave system, each evacuated tube operates independently, ensuring that there is no leakage even if a tube is removed or broken. This closed-loop system means that no water passes through the hot water tank, significantly reducing the risk of leakage.

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best rooftop solar hot water

Enhancing Solar Absorption Tank Longevity

The solar absorber, positioned within the evacuated tube, features an absorber coating consisting of a base layer of aluminium on the exterior of the inner glass tube, followed by aluminium /copper nitride (A/N) material.

Solar Absorptance Of 94%

The vacuum serves as a superior insulator against heat loss, while the aluminium silver coating minimizes heat reflection, resulting in a solar absorptance of 94%.

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Installation Location

roof top solar installation

Install solar water heater panels on your rooftop, and that heat is transferred into a hot water tank in your home or office.

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Solar Water Heater

evacuated tube solar collector efficiency

Efficient Heat Pipe Technology

Heat pipe pressurized solar heater tank operates without an exhaust hole, thus it must withstand the pressure from both the tap water and the heated water. When in use, the hot water is dispensed due to this pressure.

Vacuum tube absorbs solar energy, and a conductive copper pipe transfers this heat into the pressurized solar water heater tank, causing the water inside to become hot. Because there is no water within the heat pipe itself, the entire system is capable of withstanding high pressure.

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Front View (Tank)

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Solar Water Heater

Solar Heater Essentials

In a solar tube water heater, the Magnesium Rod prevents corrosion inside the tank by attracting corrosive elements, thereby protecting the tank and extending it's lifespan. The Temperature E-sensor monitors the water temperature to ensure efficient heating and prevent overheating, providing safe and consisting hot water. Both components are crucial for maintaining the system's efficiency ang longevity.

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Exploring Differences Together

Comparing Evacuated Tube Systems with Flat Plate Heat Systems

Evacuated Tube Collectors vs Flat Plate

OneWave Solar Water Heater Panel Technology vs other brands

Flat Plate Heat Systems

No Such Feature

Do not have display panel and sensor.

Manual Switch

Manual switches need human input, but forgetting to use them can lead to less effective heating or wasted energy.

No Protection

No such features.

Open Loop System

Corrosion on the flat plate's copper riser tubes can result in copper toxicity and blockage, impacting water flow.

Preventing Water Leakage Problems

The copper compression fittings that connect the pipe between the flat plate and the tank may experience due to thermal expansion and contraction in outdoor conditions.

Old System

Older flat plate panel solar water heater systems may face reduced efficiency and reliability from outdated technology, leading to higher maintenance and lower performance in solar energy utilization.

Low Heat Retain

Heat loss occurs because of uninsulated

copper plates and glass in flat plate panel heat collectors.

Evacuated Tube Systems

Temperature Display

Flat panels are commonly used in constructing solar collectors.

Smart Heater Control

Boost efficiency and user convenience by automatically managing water temperature.

Active Protection

magnesium rods maximize anti-corrosion protection, extending the lifespan of water heaters.

Close Loop System

The closed loop solar water heater system efficiently transfer heat using a fluid, improving efficiency and reliability.

Leaking Protection

There is no pipe fitting linking the tank and the evacuated tube, virtually eliminating any possibility of water leakage.

Most Efficient

This Cutting-edge evacuated tube system maximizes heat absorption and minimizes loss, ensuring superior performance and sustainability in solar water heating.

High Heat Retain

The "Thermos Effect" is created by the vacuum between the inner & the outer glass layers, ensuring high heat retention

vacuum tube solar water heater


OneWave Solar Water Heater Specification
Solar Tube Collectors
Solar Water Heater Tube Specification
Storage Tank
OneWave Solar Water Heater Storage Tank Specification
Model Name
OW 150
OW 300
Tank Capacity (Litres)



Overall Dimension (W x L x H):

1500mm x 2000mm x 520mm

2400mm x 2000mm x 520mm

Overall Weight (Empty / Full):

68kg / 223kg

108kg / 416kg


Sealing System

Sealing System




Number of Users:



Solar Tube Collector

Vacuum Tube Quantity:



Tube Material:

Borosilicate Glass 1.6mm

Borosilicate Glass 1.6mm


90% - 94%

90% - 94%


Closed Loop System

Closed Loop System

Tube Length:

1900 mm

1900 mm

Outer / Inner Tube Diameter

58 mm /47 mm

58 mm /47 mm

Tube Coating:

SS-CU-ALN/AIN Absorptive Coating

SS-CU-ALN/AIN Absorptive Coating

Heat Pipe:

8mm TU1 Copper